Grains: To Eat, or Not to Eat

Did you ever wonder why gluten intolerance is on the rise? Had you ever heard about it until a few years ago? The connection to the changes in our overall health and the manipulation of our food sources seems to be undeniable.

grains_newsletterGrains today contain much more gluten than ever before due to hybridization. Gluten intolerance and cases of Celiac disease have also rose about 4 times the amount with 1 in every 133 Americans diagnosed. Refined grains, the majority of consumption in the United States, are linked to obesity, heart disease, diabetes and more.

So it would seem that grains are the root of all evil, but there are fantastic gluten-free grains that can provide options for a healthy way of life while getting the nutrients your body needs from this powerhouse food group. Gluten-free grains like millet, quinoa and brown rice are all loaded with fiber and minerals, they are more easily digestible and are a great protein source (especially if you follow a plant-based diet!).

Gluten-free whole grains contain nutrients that lower cholesterol, decrease the risk of heart disease, control diabetes and help maintain a healthy weight. They are also known to have beneficial beauty effects on skin and aging by cleansing toxins and metabolizing fat and tissue repair! The key is moderation!



Go lighter on the grains and balance your plate. Keep your grain portion as a side dish compared to your veggies and greens. If you’re looking to lose a little around the waist line, limit your grains to one meal a day and keep your portion size to about the palm of your hand.


Try out this month’s featured recipe for the perfect mix of greens and grains!

Don’t be afraid to incorporate gluten-free grains into your diet! These power foods can be a great inclusion into your daily meals providing you with fuel and energy throughout your busy week! Food is nourishment and the best message you can receive is from your mind, body and inner voice – listen, learn and eat well!

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